Nutritional Yeast Powder | 5000 mg | 300 Grams


Order our Nutritional Yeast Powder for a non-fortified, nutrient dense vegan source of protein.




Choose natural and non-fortified over synthetic. Our natural yeast powder is 100% whole food based and naturally occuring, so your liver and kidneys don’t have to work overtime to absorb the vitamins. With this ancient superfood, you get to nourish your body with fiber, protein, amino acids, and minerals so you can feel your best. Cheese lovers rejoice, as it comes in a nutty, cheesy flavor!



Nutritional yeast powder is chock full of foundational nutrients including vitamin B’s, minerals, phosphorous, and complete protein. This unfortified yeast has all the natural benefits with no chemically produced vitamins or added B12. This nutritional product is grown on molasses and is an inert form of yeast (not related to brewer’s yeast).



It is well known for immune health support, with two carbohydrates that help protect against infection, beta-glucan and alfa mannan. Beta-glucan is one form of soluble dietary fiber that’s strongly linked to potentially improving cholesterol levels and boosting heart health.



Unfortified yeast powder is used for eczema relief, heart health support, and providing a feeling of energy and fullness between meals. Some people also use it to help clear up diarrhea. Naturally contains the antioxidants glutathione and selenomethionine that may help protect against heavy metals.



Our yeast powder has a nutty, cheesy flavor. ¼ cup typically contains 8 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, and 60 calories, and no sodium or fat. It can be used to add flavor to vegetables, salads, pasta sauce, popcorn. It can be used in place of cheese on macaroni or scrambled eggs. It can be added to soups to provide additional nutrients or to thicken them.


100% organic nutritional yeast


For adults, mix 1 scoop with at least 6-8 oz of water or juice and consume 1-2 times daily.


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